FBT Sport Park

With the determination to enhance sports in the society, FBT constructed sports field for sports lovers to do training and practices towards professional level. FBT Sports Park supports many sports as follow.

Tennis Court

The park has competition-grade tennis courts, including 12 Hard courts, 3 indoors and 9 outdoors, and a clay courts for practice. FBT Sports Park and Pyramid Tennis Academy have launched tennis courses for young people from basic level to professional level. The courses are instructed by coaches certified with coaching certificates in level 2 and level 3 from International Tennis Federation or ITF. Tennis courts at FBT Sports Park provide a practicing center accepted by ASEAN Tennis Federation, the institute that supports tennis in Asian region.

Badminton Court

There are 11 competition-sized badminton courts.

Futsal Field  

There is 1 indoor futsal field with the size of 16x36.

Swimming Pool

The 20 meters swimming pool is indoor and equipped with warm water.


There are various types of fitness training equipment for people who love fitness training.

FBT Sports Park is opened daily for everyone until 22.00.

400 Chalong Krung Road, Lam Pla Thio sub-district, Lad Krabang district, Bangkok 10520 Map
 TEL : 02-7373600, 02 737-3950-51
 E-Mail : scpyramid@yahoo.com